LIFE @ IndiaShelter

We believe in and thus have succeeded in creating a work environment that is conducive to the growth of everyone associated with us. At India Shelter Finance Corporation, you will be working with some of the most talented professionals in the financial sector and you will have ample opportunities to realize your true potential, expand your horizons, and re-invent yourself to grow into a well-rounded individual.




Training & Development

At India Shelter Finance Corporation, training is an integral part of our business. Our training programs help groom our employees while preparing them for their role. The programs are implemented with the focus of raising the level of proficiency and encouraging our employees to achieve their personal goals as well.

We conduct two-day intensive induction trainings to welcome our new cohort. This initial exercise goes a long way in keeping our employees motivated and aligned to the organization’s goals. Even after the initial phases of close support, we continue to look out for employees through on-the job training and on-going support in order to provide them with adequate avenues for both their professional and personal growth.

Crafting People

India Shelter believes that our employees are the driving force behind our success. By providing a balanced work experience, we want our employees to maintain a healthy and successful life.

Our management encourages all its employees to keep learning, and financially supports those who would like to pursue further studies. We also look forward to, and appreciate, employee participation in decision making, irrespective of position or role in the company. India Shelter Finance Corporation stands by the value that exciting and enriching work experiences lead to dynamic ideas and innovations. Hence, we are open to employees exploring different departments during their time at India Shelter Finance Corporation. Lastly, we give more importance to quality of work; and for those who deliver on point, we ensure rapid growth in short spans of time.

Reward and Recognition

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