Trust Name Instrument* Rating Action
Sinnan IFMR Capital 2014 PTC Series A1 Rating upgraded to [ICRA]AA(SO) from [ICRA]AA-(SO)
PTC Series A2 Rating upgraded to [ICRA]AA-(SO) from [ICRA]A(SO)
Elbe SBL IFMR Capital 2017 PTC Series A1 Rating reaffirmed at [ICRA]AA+(SO)
PTC Series A2 Rating reaffirmed at [ICRA]A+(SO)
PTC Series A3 Rating upgraded to [ICRA]BBB(SO) from [ICRA]BBB-(SO)
Xerxes IFMR Capital 2016 PTC Series A1 CARE A- (SO)
PTC Series A2 CARE BBB- (SO)
NCD NCD 1 [ICRA]A-(Stable)
NCD 2 [ICRA]A-(Positive)
India Shelter Finance Corporation Ltd Long Term Bank Borrowing [ICRA]A-(Positive)

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