At India Shelter Finance Corporation we believe in the value of merit above all else. We practice the same transparency in our organization as we do with our customers. We encourage our employees to communicate their ideas openly and help one another when required. The organization provides continuous opportunities for growth and encourages a healthy culture of competition, which ensures that progress is based only on the quality of work.


We have an encouraging and extremely supportive management that not only takes care of employee needs, but also goes a step further to support its employees in difficult times. The management encourages diverse ideas and is always receptive to individual initiative.

Team work

We believe that a huge part of individual growth is facilitated by the experience of working collaboratively in a team, and showcasing reliability by being there for your team members. At India Shelter Finance Corporation, we encourage consensus building and team participation to achieve cumulative goals.


India Shelter Finance Corporation is a vibrant organization that strives to provide an environment conducive to professional and personal development. Our people form the foundation of the organization and thereby reflect the values we stand for- honesty, integrity and respect. Our team has embarked upon a path of fast paced growth and constantly strives to maintain that progress. We welcome uncertainty and solve challenges using innovation and flexibility as tools. India Shelter Finance Corporation is for those who love their work and have fun while they’re at it.


At India Shelter Finance Corporation, you will be working with some of the most talented professionals in the financial sector and will have ample opportunities to realize your true potential, expand your horizons, and re-invent yourself to grow into a well-rounded individual. We are a diverse organization that accepts people of all backgrounds without any discrimination. This gives everybody an equal and fair chance to prove themselves and provides our employees with an enriching experience.


We try to create a family environment at India Shelter Finance Corporation, to make our employees feel comfortable and at ease This not only increases efficiency but also helps us in gaining the trust of our employees, and vice versa


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