We will help middle income families improve quality of and access to housing by providing housing credit in a transparent and respectful fashion.

India Shelter Finance Corporation Ltd (ISFC) is the new name of the erstwhile Satyaprakash Housing Finance India Limited (SHFIL) which was granted the certificate of Registration by National Housing Bank on 26th October, 1998. The business was taken over by a group of professionals with experience across diverse businesses and relaunched on 12th March 2010.

The main objective of India Shelter Finance is to provide credit to middle income households to acquire new housing or to extend and improve their current housing. The Company provides home loans up to a maximum of 50 lakhs to low and middle income urban borrowers for a period of up to 20 years. These loans can be used by borrowers for purchase of apartments, construction of homes, home improvements and home extensions.

We believe that progressively larger numbers of first generation urban families will need access to housing credit. This credit will first be needed to extend and improve their current dwelling units as families grow. As incomes rise, the ability to service the credit to acquire higher quality new housing will also improve. IndiaShelter aspires to build a profitable and socially useful business by fulfilling the housing credit needs of these families. Our support will increase housing stock and improve health and education outcomes for these families.

IndiaShelter has helped over 28000 families own, extend or improve their homes by disbursing over Rs. 2000+ Crores in loans.
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