Covid-19 Moratorium Announcement

Dear Customer, With respect to the RBI guidelines issued due to Covid-19 outbreak, India shelter provided the option to avail the moratorium for installments due between 01st Mar 2020 to 31st May 2020, to aid you in case you are facing cash flow problems. The option to avail moratorium has further been extended for the period 1st June 2020 to 31st Aug 2020.

If you opt for moratorium, there will be an increase in loan tenure and/or increase in EMI amount.

For Moratorium EMI calculator, Click here

Please read the FAQs carefully before opting for Moratorium


1. Question: What is moratorium period?

As per RBI guidelines, moratorium period is the time during which borrower is not required to make any repayment (currently till 31st Aug 2020). The repayment begins after the completion of moratorium period.
You should contact Company to avail the facility of Moratorium facility. In case you don’t intimate the company about your acceptance to moratorium, the Company will present your EMI due in the bank for payment. You shall be deemed to have accepted moratorium, in case, the EMI presented got returned and you don’t pay before the month end.

Company will allow you various mode to give you consent for moratorium over Voice call or SMS or on Company’s website to avail the Moratorium Period.
No, if you willing and capable to pay the EMI you should not avail this moratorium period to avoid additional interest on outstanding loan amount for this period. Even if you have availed the moratorium, you can make the payment of instalments anytime during moratorium period as per convenience.
No, Interest accrued during this period will be added to the balance principal outstanding. Consequent to this, your EMI’s and/or Tenure will increase.
Yes, interest accrued on the outstanding loan amount and will be added in the remaining EMI’s.
Your credit score will not be affected if you avail this moratorium period.
This option is provided not to put additional burden of EMI’s in this crisis situation, if you are capable to pay the EMIs you should pay to avoid additional interest charges.
This is not a waiver, but a deferment, you will have to pay the amount at a later as per revised schedule of payment with increase in EMI amount and/or Tenure.
Yes, it does, you can skip payment of your entire EMI in this period, including Principal and interest.
No, the external benchmarking regime is applicable.
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